Currently Grimsby FreeSkool is in its infancy. However, our hope is to create a strong framework for others to build on, and off of. FreeSkool is a powerful design for education as it empowers individuals in their voice, creates awareness in others (and oneself) and most importantly, is collaborative in design through inclusive and consensus-based learning.

Potential topics are limited only by your creativity and imagination. If you aspire to teach or have inspiration to share, let us know so we may add your classes to the Available Courses schedule. Do not feel shy, but heartened! Your engagement is an opportunity to commit yourself fully to community growth and prosperity. Once Grimsby FreeSkool is past its infancy, it may grow stronger with a diverse array of courses and a multitude of participants, perspectives and dialogues.

We hope to see Grimsby FreeSkool grow as an apple tree grows from seed. Not pruned, sprayed or altered, but allowed to grow in tandem to the subtle environmental forces around it, guiding the way for the apple tree to grow new apples each and every year, so that they may be eaten, returned to the earth, and a new tree may flourish.

Things to Do

If you haven't already, visit our classes currently being offered by Grimsby residents. We also need a few keen activists to help spread the word. If you are keen to teach, fill out an application. A training course may be required.


Although FreeSkool is free, internet hosting is not. A few dollars goes a long way. If you want to contribute financially, join one of my classes and buy me a nice hot cup of tea. :)